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Goodrich finds favor with OEMs

 - June 20, 2008, 5:56 AM

Goodrich Corp. has announced several innovations selected as standard or optional equipment by various corporate aircraft OEMs.

The Charlotte, N.C. company’s SkyWatch HP collision avoidance system was selected by Raytheon Aircraft as standard equipment for all 2002 King Air B200s and 350s. The SkyWatch HP is an upgrade to Goodrich’s original SkyWatch system and allows tracking of aircraft with an effective closure rate of 1,200 kt from as far as 35 nm away.

The SkyWatch HP system will be displayed on a Goodrich Stormscope WX-1000 three-inch dedicated CRT display and can be installed as either a traffic advisory system (TAS) or a traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS I), depending on the display and antenna configuration.

Cirrus Design Corp. selected the 11-mi-surveillance-zone SkyWatch TAS as an option for its SR-20 and SR-22 models. In the Cirrus airplanes, the SkyWatch information will be displayed on a Garmin GNS430 as a dedicated traffic page and can be viewed as an overlay onto the Garmin moving map.

Goodrich also revealed it has made an agreement with Schrotch Safety Products of Germany, whereby the two companies will jointly develop and produce patented Goodrich inflatable restraint technology, including the Inflatabelt lap belt restraint, the SmartBelt shoulder harness restraint and coaxial head/neck protection restraints. The inflatable restraint products can be used for many types of seating configuration for passenger, flight and cabin crews including side-facing seats.

The company also announced it will supply a potable water system for the Gulfstream V-SP. The system includes thermostatically controlled heaters to protect components at below-freezing temperatures and a modular design concept to expand or downsize the system for specific aircraft applications. It is pressurized using aircraft ECS bleed air and an air compressor to supply water to various locations in the aircraft, and will be controlled through the aircraft’s cabin management system.