M7 Offers Wet Processing for Parts Producers

 - March 4, 2009, 10:30 AM

San Antonio-based M7 Aerospace launched a quick-turn wet processing program available to aerospace parts manufacturers that need to outsource chemical processes or need faster service for large numbers of products. Processes available include anodizing, alodining and primer and paint application, and M7 offers a six-business-day turnaround time. M7’s 25,000-sq-ft chemical processing area is one of the largest aerospace processing lines in the Southwestern U.S. It has 17 chemical tanks, some as long as 34 feet. The line had supported production of the Dornier 328 wing during the late 1990s. To facilitate the new wet processing program, M7 implemented special handling techniques to ensure that items requiring quick turnaround can be accurately traced. Part of the tracing process employs a Linx 6900 high-speed part-marking system to ensure clear, accurate identification. M7 is currently processing 10,000 to 12,000 parts a month and is an approved supplier to aerospace clients such as AgustaWestland, Bell, Boeing, MD Helicopters and Northrop Grumman.