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Cabin humidifiers getting warm reception by OEMs

 - July 21, 2010, 10:14 AM

Swedish company CTT Systems has been providing its Cair aircraft humidification system to completion centers of large VIP aircraft for several years, but it has now taken a leap into the major leagues. For the first time, the Cair system has been installed by an aircraft manufacturer, with Airbus leading the way in the first-class cabins on Lufthansa’s new A380 double-decker.

The European manufacturer also offers the humidifiers for the crew rest compartments as an option. The system is based on evaporate cooling technology and increases cabin humidity to 20 to 25 percent relative humidity, for greater comfort.

The Lufthansa cabins also include CTT’s Zonal Drying system to counter condensation problems, and both systems are also offered as an option on the forthcoming A350.

The Zonal Drying system has also been selected as basic equipment for the new 787 Dreamliner, with Boeing also offering the Cair system as an option on the flight deck and the crew rest compartments.

Two contracts won in the last few weeks include one from UK low-fare airline Jet2.com for 13 Zonal Drying systems for installations on its Boeing 737-300s, and one from AMAC Aerospace of Switzerland for installation of a Cair system in a VIP B777-200 aircraft.