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Paris 2011: GEnx-1B, Air India Join TruEngine Program

 - June 21, 2011, 8:50 PM

GE Aviation has launched its GEnx TruEngine program on the GEnx-1B engine and granted TruEngine designation to Air India’s GEnx-1B engine fleet. Air India has ordered GEnx-1B engines for its 27 Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

Under a 2010 GE branded services agreement (GBSA), Air India will be licensed to perform maintenance and overhaul work on the GEnx-1B engine, which means the carrier will follow GE-issued engine manuals service bulletins and other maintenance recommendations.

Qualification for TruEngine status involves a two-step process that includes the customer declaration and a submittal of maintenance records to ensure the overhaul practices, spare parts and repairs used to service an engine match GE-issued engine manuals, service bulletins and other maintenance recommendations. The TruEngine designation is available for the more than 1,300 GEnx engines on order.

According to GE, the TruEngine designation enhances marketability and asset valuation of an engine and provides operators with new benefits, such as line maintenance and aircraft-on-ground responsiveness guarantees, life-limited parts scrap-for-cause warranty option, the  TRruEngine suite of digital fleet management applications and a content-assurance guarantee.