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Jackie Chan Becomes Embraer’s New Kick-butt Ambassador for Legacy 650

 - October 9, 2011, 10:11 PM

Embraer’s new brand ambassador will be able to forget Rush Hours at airports around the world when he takes delivery of his new Legacy 650 later this year. Famous for his death-defying stunts as much as his acting, Jackie Chan will become the first owner of the aircraft type in China. The aircraft is due for delivery later this year.

Speaking via video at Embraer’s press conference at the NBAA 2011 show yesterday in Las Vegas, the star said, “I am looking forward to flying in this marvelous aircraft, soon. China has become a very important market for executive aircraft and I am honored to be a part of Embraer’s efforts in my home country.”

Although Chan was not present at the show, his business partner was on hand to explain the vibrant red and yellow livery on the jet. Jackie Chan designed the paint scheme, which displays his logo, a dragon image and his son’s initials.

Ernest Edwards, president, Embraer Executive Jets, said, “I have spent some time with Jackie recently and five minutes in his presence are uplifting.” He added, “Jackie’s ebullient personality, spirit of relentless innovation and commitment to society echo the core values of Embraer. His worldwide prestige makes him an ideal brand ambassador.”

Market watchers at the show will not be surprised at the Brazilian airframer’s choice of spokesman. China is consistently cited as the fastest-growing market for new business jets.

Embraer is also still in negotiations with Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) about establishing a Legacy 600/650 production line in China, using the infrastructure, financial resources and workforce of their joint venture company Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry. Edwards said that the discussions had not been concluded yet.

In the meantime, the appointment of Chan as brand ambassador should “panda” to Chinese tastes.