EU Emissions Ruling May Come Sooner Than Planned

 - December 8, 2011, 3:08 PM

The European Union Court of Justice has moved up the date it plans to issue a final ruling on Europe’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) to December 21, according to a Reuters article. Meanwhile, Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) submitted a bill, “to prevent the European Union from adding a tax on flights traveling through U.S. airspace.” Thune’s move follows a similar House bill that won approval on October 24. As the January 1 deadline nears for participation in ETS by operators flying to Europe, U.S. business jet operators are complaining about a request by France’s greenhouse gas registry for information needed to open an ETS registry account, including certified copies of passports, articles of incorporation and association, criminal background check and financial statements. According to Peter Korns, operations service group specialist for NBAA, “The request from France…is just part of their process in setting up and establishing your carbon credit trading account. The identification documents they request will be used by both law enforcement agencies and other identity validation systems for the purpose of making validation checks and to set up strictly controlled accounts. NBAA continues to work with the European Business Aviation Association and other organizations to understand this process better.”