Farnborough Air Show

Aero Sekur Promotes Safety Systems And Equipment

 - July 9, 2012, 11:40 AM

Italy’s Aero Sekur (Hall 4 Stand B8) is promoting its safety systems and advanced flexible material products here this week. It is highlighting the establishment of a new Genoa-based subsidiary, Sekur Sistemi, for the design and production of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) filtration and air-conditioning units for military and other applications, including aerospace. The company will also develop ground-support equipment; in particular, cooling and environmental-control units.

Aero Sekur said the new company reinforces its commitment to supporting global aerospace in the supply of inflatable maintenance enclosures providing environmental and NBC protection.

The group has extended its controlled-atmosphere maintenance shelter service to incorporate inflatable beams, collective protection and air conditioning. Flexible fabric construction is said to ensure rapid deployment and avoid aircraft damage while offering an optimum temperature and a humidity-controlled atmosphere suitable for when repairs involve resins or advanced surface treatments. It has supplied an inflatable maintenance enclosure to Northrop Grumman for field repairs to the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, for example.

Aero Sekur has also announced that it has entered the detailed design and space-qualification phase for the recovery system of the European Space Agency’s Intermediate Experimental Vehicle (IXV), which comprises four floats to provide buoyancy and stability following splashdown.

The group also is developing structural health-monitoring equipment as an alternative to fiber-optic systems for rapid and effective nondestructive testing of composites structures. On-board aircraft sensors will identify airframe/component strain and monitor structural status.

A handbook covering Aero Sekur’s helicopter safety and survival products is available at the company’s stand. At the end of the show, Aero Sekur will hold a prize drawing from business cards left at the stand for a Star Max F35 high-performance model RC ducted-fan jet fighter.