NBAA Convention News

Foliage Offers DO-178 Compliance Help

 - October 30, 2012, 12:35 PM

Creating software for aviation applications that complies with the FAA’s DO-178 standard can be challenging, requiring completion of a series of precise development and verification tasks during the process. Here at NBAA’12, software product development company Foliage (Booth No. 790) of Burlington, Mass. is highlighting how it can help companies meet these challenges.

Foliage believes many companies take the wrong approach to DO-178 compliance: they either go it alone or attempt to outsource completely the prescribed development and verification tasks. Both those approaches can increase product development costs and time, according to Foliage.

Foliage recommends a third path, an “integrated team” approach of partnering with development specialists who have hands-on experience in DO-178 development. This can yield a compliant product with the least expenditure of time and money, according to Foliage. An integrated team approach also ensures that the company’s development team will be better prepared to tackle the next certifiable product development project. Foliage is sharing its ideas on this development methodology at the NBAA show. With more than 20 years of experience supporting the development of certifiable software products, Foliage believes it is well positioned to work with any company seeking such a development partner.