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Spartech Promotes Structural Transparencies

 - October 31, 2012, 9:50 AM

Polycast UV-SC is the latest addition that Spartech has made to its growing product line of structural transparencies targeting the aircraft, mass transit, automobile and architectural markets. Polycast embodies the technology to produce cast acrylic sheet in a variety of colors that block significant amounts of ultraviolet (UV) light and the near-infrared solar energy’s heat radiation while maintaining high visible light transmission.

Spartech (Booth No. 2895), based in Stamford, Conn., claims that Polycast UV-SC is “the most practical and cost-effective optical grade monolithic glazing product in the marketplace.”

The product, which made of UV-blocking and solar heat-control, cell-cast acrylic, is said to be ideal for windshields, cabin, door and side windows, skylights, eyebrows and chin bubbles on fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, in all aviation segments. The aircraft-quality acrylic material is suitable for thermoforming and can be supplied in a variety of color shades, from near-colorless to standard colors traditionally used for aircraft, including night vision-compatible colors. It has a U.S. patent pending.

Benefits of employing the Polycast material include full UV protection for pilots and aircraft interiors and cooler, more comfortable interiors–especially on the ground–with temperature reduction of 20 deg F or more.

Lower cockpit temperatures may also increase the service life of expensive electronic equipment, Spartech explained, noting that the material provides higher see-through visibility than traditional tinted materials.


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