MEBAA Convention News

U.S. Pavilion Exhibitors For MEBA

 - December 12, 2012, 1:00 PM

Aero Specialties (Stand 573), manufacturers of aircraft and airport ground support equipment; global fuel provider AvFuel (Stand 580); Aviation Partners, Inc. (Stand 575), whose blended winglets are found on airliners and business jets; Bangor International Airport (Stand 577) in Maine, a popular point of U.S. entry and exit for international private aircraft flights; Cirrus Aircraft (Stand 574), manufacturer of the popular SR20 and SR22 single engine piston aircraft; communication-equipment manufacturer Cobham/Thrane & Thrane (Stand 578); EVAS/Vision Safe Corp. (Stand 579), manufacturer of cockpit smoke displacement systems; Fargo Jet Center (Stand 580), FBO and maintenance facility, which is a popular stopping point for international travelers bound for the West Coast of the U.S.; exhibition-services provider Kallman Worldwide (Stand 573); and aircraft-catering service Rudy’s Inflight Catering (Stand 576). –J.W.