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Starjet, Avic International And Zhoushan City Vice Mayor Sign MOU At ABACE

 - April 17, 2013, 5:18 AM

Here at ABACE signing a memorandum of cooperation on a cooperative project to build an amphibious-seaplane terminal and transportation service to promote the seaside-vacation destination of Zhoushan City in eastern China were (l to r): Ji Gui Rong, general manager of Avic International (Hong Kong); Li Shan Zhong, vice mayor of Zhoushan City; and Wang Xue Feng, CEO of Star Jet, a multi-faceted aviation business. One of the two prefecture-level cities of the People’s Republic of China consisting solely of islands, Zhoushan City lies across the mouth of the Hangzhou Bay, just south of Shanghai, and is separated from the mainland by a narrow body of water. The archipelago with its 1,390 islands is well suited for service by amphibious seaplanes, according to Star Jet. The joint-development effort of Avic International, Star Jet and the city has the goal of creating a free-trade zone in the region, and officials hope it will attract tourists from all over the world.