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Ontic Accelerates Lifetime Support For Legacy Avionics And Electronics

 - May 22, 2013, 12:00 PM
Avionics and electronics are a specialty of Chatsworth, California-based Ontic.

Ontic has signed new license agreements and is here at EBACE 2013 highlighting its support for out-of-production second- and third-generation avionics and electronics. The company is also able to fully support Hawker 125 series business jets from its Houston, Texas facility.

A BBA subsidiary, Ontic (Booth 364) specializes in manufacturing aerospace components under license to OEMs and acquiring component lines that it can manufacture and support directly. In all cases, the company’s manufacturing activities are fully sanctioned by the OEM that originally designed and/or made the component.

Ontic’s avionics and electronics activities take place at two locations: Cheltenham, UK, and Chatsworth, California. This year it plans to open a new location in Singapore.

A key product line is new production, spares, MRO and product support for fuel measurement systems on the Hawker 4000, Hawker 125-800 series, Airbus A318, A319 and A320, Boeing 777 and a variety of military aircraft. Much of the fuel measurement system work is accomplished at the Cheltenham facility.

For Hawker 125 series support, Ontic’s Houston facility stocks more than 44,000 parts such as landing gear, ailerons, elevators, rudders, tabs, oxygen bottles, leading edges and doors.

During the past three years, the manufacturer’s P&L revenue for electronics and avionics products has climbed to more than 30 percent from 3 percent. “Ontic understands that the need for lifetime support of mature electronics and avionics is growing,” said president Gareth Hall, “and we continue our key role in that support for the OEMs we serve through licensing and acquisition.” One third of the company’s business is electronics-based products, and Hall expects that segment to grow to 50 percent.

At EBACE, Ontic announced that it signed an agreement with Curtiss-Wright Controls Integrated Sensing to support the former’s pilot controls and transmitter/indicator product lines, to include production, aftermarket manufacturing and MRO services. These products include landing gear levers that have integral light plates and electronics, tiller modules, pilot LED checklists, flight control surface indicators, rudder trim switches and push-to-talk switches, all found on a variety of commercial, business and military aircraft. The company will incorporate these products into its Chatsworth and Cheltenham facilities using its adoption process, moving them from Curtiss-Wright facilities where they are currently manufactured.