Paris Air Show

Selex ES Displays Wide Range Of Capabilities

 - June 18, 2013, 6:45 AM
Selex ES' radar and defensive systems range in size from unmanned air vehicles to compact sensors.

Recently reorganized Selex ES has come to Paris to show off its varied capabilities in the defense and security electronics sector as part of the wider Finmeccanica presence. Selex ES (Chalet A232) is highlighting its ISR, radar and defensive systems, which range in size from unmanned air vehicles to compact sensors.

In the static park are two examples of the company’s Falco UAV family, which is in service with a number of operators. The baseline Falco is being displayed here with the company’s Gabbiano radar, which has recently been flight-tested. Gabbiano has also been selected for fitment to the Elbit Hermes 450 and 900 UAVs. Falco’s larger sibling, the Falco Evo with extended wings, is outfitted with the PicoSAR AESA radar in the nose and Sage Elint/Comint system. The company is also promoting its Seer radar warning receiver system, intended primarily for helicopter and UAV applications.

PicoSAR is one of a number of AESA radars that Selex ES has developed and is a compact sensor that can provide SAR imagery in the ISR mission. Other AESA products from the Selex ES range include the Seaspray 7500E surveillance radar and the Raven ES radar that is used in the Gripen E next-generation fighter.

Drawing on its expertise in the ISR sector Selex ES has created mission systems, such as the SkyIStar and Atos, the latter being particularly applicable to the maritime patrol mission. This system is also represented on a King Air 350ER special-mission aircraft being displayed by Beechcraft (Static I).

On show in the outside display is the Aulos passive, coherent locator-radar, which lacks a transmitter but instead uses “broadcasts of opportunity” (such as FM band radio stations and digital TV broadcasts). Other innovative systems being exhibited include the VigilX that merges images from optical sensors distributed around the airframe of an aircraft or helicopter to give a 360-degree view for enhanced safety. Selex ES is also showing a range of advanced IFF transponders, as well as some of the company’s space systems. o