Dubai Air Show

Expectations Exceeded at Dubai Airshow 2013

 - November 18, 2013, 12:22 PM

All signs now point to the fact that the Dubai Airshow is number one on the list of must-attend and must-exhibit venues on the worldwide airshow circuit. Two key indicators this year are the Dubai’s show’s stellar new site at Dubai World Central’s Al Maktoum International Airport and the massive orders garnered by the top two airframers–Airbus and Boeing–during this year’s show. This is likely more than just good timing, but an indication of the growing importance of the biennial Dubai event.

What is clearly apparent to Dubai Airshow attendees and exhibitors this year is the vastly improved elbow space at the new Al Maktoum Airport site, for which local aviation insiders have adopted the term “aerotropolis.” Even with more than 1,000 exhibitors and 150 aircraft on static display, the thousands of show attendees had plenty of room to enjoy the sights and meet face-to-face with key partners and future colleagues.

Although some local Sharqi winds associated with the seasonal summer-winter transition blew some fine sand into the air during the show, the temperatures on the static display have been moderate, and the show site offers plenty of refreshment opportunities with delicious and healthy local foods.

However, most visitors to the show are here to do business, and a great deal of business activity ensued during the early days of the show. Record-breaking orders for new airliners will keep Airbus and Boeing assembly lines busy for many years, and other OEMs also announced significant aircraft purchase plans.

Bigger and better is a constant theme in Dubai, and there’s no question that this year’s Dubai Airshow stepped up and exceeded expectations. Of course, this means that expectations will be even higher in 2015 (November 8-12), and it will be interesting to experience the contrast when that show rolls around. o