ABACE Convention News

Argus Names Strategic Asian Partner

 - April 17, 2014, 2:13 AM
Argus president and CEO Joe Moeggenberg (left) and T3 Private Jets Asia Limited managing partner Mark Thibault were on hand at ABACE in Shanghai to discuss the new partnership between their companies with customers.


U.S. private aviation safety ratings provider Argus has named T3 Private Jets Asia Limited as its strategic partner to support the growing Asian aviation markets. Argus is known throughout the industry for its safety audit system, while T3 is Asia’s first consultancy to offer aircraft owners, operators and service providers with objective oversight solutions for the purchase, sale, delivery, maintenance and operations of aircraft through financial and operational audits.

“We are very happy to have been chosen by Argus and are honored to be their partner here in Asia,” said Mark Thibault, managing partner of Hong Kong-based T3. “This strategic partnership will significantly reduce the costs and timeframes to complete an Argus audit in Asia and will support the growth of aviation by providing regional service and quick access to all of the Argus offerings.”

The two companies have formed a pact to develop Asian resources and deliver the highest quality services and products in line with international standards. “Argus has been working in the Asian market for quite some time and realized that a strategic partner in the region would foster even greater, more efficient access to our proven aviation solutions,” said Argus president and CEO Joe Moeggenberg. “T3 absolutely mirrors Argus’ commitment to offering the best audit and aviation safety services from the most professional and experienced people.”