Chinese Authorities Commit To Aircraft Head-Up Display Mandate

 - November 14, 2012, 5:07 PM
Rockwell Collins China managing director Ron Ho says China is poised to accelerate the introduction of aircraft head-up display technology. (Photo: Amy Laboda)

Rockwell Collins China managing director Ron Ho believes business for aircraft head-up displays (HUD) in China will soon be looking up. “We have been working with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for the past 10 years on the HUD project, and now it has reached the stage where CAAC will require the Chinese airlines to implement the HUDs into their operations,” he explained.

“This will be done in three phases, I understand,” Ho noted. “During the first phase, 10 percent of all the airlines will be equipped and operating with HUDs. In the cecond phase, this will be 50 percent. The third phase will be complete fleet equipage by the year 2025.”

Rockwell Collins is the major supplier of HUDs for the Boeing 737, 777 and 787. Ho also added that the company is working on retrofit units for airliners. “Currently, China has about 2,000 aircraft that will need to be equipped with HUDs, and that list is increasing,” he said. “And Chinese airlines are adding nearly 100 aircraft a year. I believe they will be ordering these aircraft with HUDs.”