Zodiac Onboard Oxygen-generation System Installed In Cessna 206

 - August 1, 2013, 12:50 PM
Zodiac’s Infiniox onboard oxygen-generation system has been installed in a Cessna 206. (Photo: Savannah Thurber)

There is a new way for pilots to get the oxygen needed for high-altitude unpressurized flying, Zodiac Aerospace’s Infiniox onboard oxygen-generation system (Obogs), and visitors to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh can see the system installed in a Cessna 206. This is the first time that Zodiac has displayed the Obogs installed in an airplane, and the 206 is parked at Zodiac’s exhibit (127) near Hangar D. Zodiac is also demonstrating its General aviation crew mask oxygen mask, also targeting the unpressurized single- and twin-engine market.

The Obogs replaces the regular oxygen bottle system and mounts into the brackets where the 206’s oxygen bottle installs. Instead of needing to carry a heavy high-pressure oxygen bottle with a limited oxygen supply, the Obogs can run continuously and supplies oxygen for up to four passengers to 25,000 feet. Infiniox runs on 28 VDC and measures eight inches in diameter and 28 inches long and can be hooked up to avionics for system monitoring and fault annunciation. Yingling Aviation of Wichita, the owner of the airplane, performed the installation.

“The Infiniox system will make oxygen available anytime, anywhere without concerns about depleting the onboard supply or servicing and refilling a high-pressure oxygen cylinder,” said Mark Gilson, director of business management for Zodiac Oxygen Systems US.

Once certified, the Infiniox system will be installed by avionics shops, including Yingling Aviation.