Epic and U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation Launch New Co-branded Aviation Services Card

 - January 14, 2014, 5:28 PM

Aviation fuel supplier Epic and U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation introduced a new Epic/Multi Service Aviation co-branded aviation services card today at the Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in New Orleans. According to the companies, the new card will be accepted globally via the Multi Service Aviation network starting in the first quarter.

Currently, the Epic card is accepted at hundreds of FBOs in the U.S. and Canada, including all Epic-supplied facilities and UVair FBO network locations. Through the partnership with Multi Service, the Epic Card will be accepted at “thousands” of FBO locations globally.

“Multi Service Aviation has a well established platform for processing card transactions globally,” said U.S. bank payment sales and client relationship group leader Jeff Rankin. “Adding the Epic card as a payment option at all of our FBO-serviced locations makes both the card and the platform even more convenient for customers.”

Epic cardholders will receive updates about the expanded access in the coming months, but the companies promise it will be a seamless process for cardholders to begin using the Epic card globally. The Epic card will still have online card reconciliation, convenient payment terms and ease of transaction, it and will continue to be fully managed by Epic as the card issuer.

“With the expansion to global access for the Epic Card, pilots can lighten the load in their card wallet and carry just the Epic Card for all their FBO purchases around the world,” said Epic chief product officer John Nelson.