DAC's Tablet Interface Connects iPad EFBs on Dash 8s

 - May 6, 2013, 1:33 PM

DAC International is showcasing its GDC64 tablet-to-aircraft interface unit (TAIU) at the RAA convention. On May 6, the FAA granted parts manufacturer approval for the device, which feeds aircraft data to an iPad without the need for additional, costly WiFi equipment. The TAIU recenlty was certified for use on the Bombardier Dash 8 twin turboprop with the support of Fokker Services and it has been selected by an undisclosed Norwegian airline for use on its fleet of more than 40 Dash 8s. The approval allows operators to connect their iPad-based electronic flight bags (EFBs) with the GDC64 TAIU and its Arinc 429 bus to the flight management system and to the aircraft’s power source. The Arinc 429 data from the FMS allows iPad applications to use real-time data. “This will allow operators to now have access to a data library for use in a variety of apps as they become available,” said DAC International general manager Francisco Hernandez. “In addition, the installer can now download the GDC64 app directly from iTunes to allow users to set up and configure Arinc 429 data for their installation.”

Austin, Texas-based DAC developed the GDC64 to act as an interface with iPads and other tablet devices. Fokker Services’ iPad EFB is an EASA-certified Class 2 Type B device. DAC, which is part of the Greenwich AeroGroup, also is displaying its family of air data test sets at the RAA meeting in Montreal this week.