Viking Aircraft Engines Offers Firewall Forward Package for RV-12

 - April 10, 2013, 7:11 AM
Viking has sold more than 10 Viking 110 engines to RV-12 builders.

Viking Aircraft Engines of Edgewater, Fla. (Booth N-068), is displaying its Viking 110 on display at Sun ’n Fun 2013, and was offering Firewall Forward kitting for the Van’s Aircraft RV-12. The 110-hp (at 5800 rpm, with 2.33:1 gear reduction turning the prop at 2500 rpm) dedicated aircraft engine is based on the Honda 1.5-liter engine. This liquid-cooled powerplant includes electronic ignition and multi-port fuel injection. It weighs 178 pounds, dry, and can burn 92 octane mogas (up to 10 percent ethanol) or 100LL.

The firewall forward kit for the RV-12 available from Viking should cost approximately $16,000, including the engine, cowl and prop, according to Ron Russ, who was representing Viking at its booth during the show. Russ has the Viking firewall forward package installed on his RV-12 and has been flying it for more than a year.

To date Viking has sold more than 10 Viking 110 engines to RV-12 builders, according to the company’s website. The RV-12 firewall forward package is one of four firewall forward packages available from Viking Aircraft Engines.