Canada, Playing Catch-up, Will Mandate TCAS

 - November 13, 2006, 6:23 AM

Transport Canada has proposed a regulatory amendment requiring installation of TCAS-I and TCAS-II, in line with current FAA rules. “Immediate” installation would be mandated on turbine aircraft built after the rule goes into effect, while operators of affected turbine aircraft built on or before the effective date of the rule would have two years to install systems. A Transport Canada official acknowledged that virtually all Canadian aircraft affected already carry TCAS so as to be able to enter U.S. airspace. “This one fell through the cracks,” he conceded. “It’s embarrassing to be playing catch-up at this stage, but we have to formally recognize TCAS in the regulations.” Although the rule is a fait accompli, a formal regulatory process is required. The proposal was published on September 9 and comments are due by October 9. After “careful consideration” of all comments received, said Transport Canada, the new regulation will be finalized and published.