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Embaer: Sales of Regionals Will Drop Here

 - November 30, 2006, 12:23 PM

Embraer has lowered its 20-year projection for deliveries of small commercial airplanes to reflect a less optimistic outlook for both China and the rest of the Asia/Pacific region. Since publishing its last world market forecast for airplanes that seat between 30 and 120 passengers in November 2004, less-than-expected demand for regional airplanes in the region, and particularly for the 50-seat ERJ 145s built by the Harbin-Embraer Aircraft joint venture in China, has led to a reduced projection this year. Embraer now projects a 20-year demand for just 1,000 airplanes in the region, compared with the 1,100 airplanes it foresaw only a little over a year ago.