Singapore Air Show

Nordam’s A380 contributions are highlights at its stand here

 - December 1, 2006, 6:24 AM

Nordam is featuring the wing tip fences and landing light lenses it started manufacturing for the Airbus A380 in October, plus a Singapore-made  CFM56-3 thrust reverser to showcase its local capabilities.

“The low cost of labor, government incentive programs and outsourcing by airlines all combine to make Asia vital to Nordam’s ongoing growth,” said Meredith Siegfried, the company’s v-p of global sales and marketing. Nordam now employs around 100 people in Singapore.

Nordam also announced it has named David Tan Wai Sing managing director, sales and marketing of its subsidiary here in Singapore, which repairs and overhauls thrust reverser and nacelle components and flight control surfaces. He succeeds Brett Benton, who is now vice president Asia/Pacific.

Back home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nordam has completed the design phase of a SAP inter-enterprise software implementation and is moving on to project planning in the build phase. The company says it plans to create a universal information system that will improve operating efficiency through process standardization across its multiple divisions. “The technology opens up a lot of possibilities, not only internally but also with regard to how we can interact with our customers during every phase of their order,” commented president and chief operating officer John Uczekaj.

A six-sigma program is also under way at all Nordam’s facilities in the U.S., the UK and Singapore following its successful introduction in the Tulsa repair and transparency shops. The six-sigma process uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company’s operational performance by identifying and eliminating defects in manufacturing and service-related processes. The company says results of initial trials last year included a 40 percent reduction in rework of radome repairs.