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Airbus to test medical site in A380 cabin

 - December 6, 2006, 1:31 PM

Airbus To Test Medical Site for Cabins Airbus is preparing to test a dedicated medical area intended to accommodate all the equipment that airlines need for dealing with in-flight emergencies or when carrying sick or injured passengers. Airbus plans to evaluate the new unit, which can go virtually anywhere in the cabin according to airline preference, on the first cabin-fitted A380 development aircraft during route-proving flights.

The manufacturer will offer three versions of the unit to carriers, depending on what level of medical service they aim to provide: for example, first-aid diagnosis, general medicine or emergency medical treatment procedures. The concept will adapt to all types of Airbus airliners. The area can include a couch that can double as a patient table, along with an attendant seat, flexible stowage for medical equipment such as a respirator, oxygen and electrocardiogram.