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Dunlop Gives ATR 72 Extra Brake Life

 - December 15, 2006, 12:34 PM

An extended brake service life of up to 40 percent is offered to ATR 72 operators as a result of close collaboration between Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems (DABS) and Avions de Transport Regional in Toulouse. Recently acquired by the Meggitt group, DABS has developed an enhanced version of its carbon brake for the regional airliner, a key feature of which is a carbon spacer disc fitted at a point in the lifetime of the heat sink when it reaches a given wear level.

The brake also incorporates new thrust cones of inconel and spreader plates of stainless rather than carbon steel, for improved corrosion resistance. These feature larger surface contact areas to minimize any possible risk of carbon indentation. The new brake unit is a fully mixable and interchangeable alternative to existing brakes, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility for the operator.

In another development from DABS, the company has introduced a range of advanced anti-oxidant treatments that have been shown to be highly effective in protecting carbon-carbon composites used for heat packs of aircraft brakes. Two such treatments from the new range have been applied to the non-rubbed surfaces of the stators and rotors on the BAE Systems 146/Avro RJ brake, allowing them to operate for much longer under difficult conditions.

Meanwhile, to enhance the effectiveness of its engineering and program management systems and support new product introduction processes, DABS has completed a major investment in software. This will create an advanced, integrated environment for product data management across the whole of Dunlop Aerospace and will also provide collaborative and visual conferencing technology linking it with supplier teams and customers

Dunlop Aerospace Services has secured a major five-year contract to maintain the wheels and brakes on 34 Thomsonfly Boeing aircraft. The deal involves outsourcing the airline’s wheel and brake services facility at London Luton airport, with Dunlop providing a total repair, overhaul and logistics program, while coordinating logistics across 15 Thomsonfly UK line stations.