DayJet Expects To Launch Next Month

 - June 12, 2007, 9:59 AM

DayJet invited members of the press to sample the company’s service as it nears next month’s launch of per-seat regional VLJ on-demand charter operations. Yesterday, two reporters and a DayJet employee flew in an Eclipse 500 with DayJet pilots Don Osmondson and Rick Hemphill. The flight was planned from DayJet’s headquarters in Boca Raton to Gainesville, Fla., but diverted to Lakeland because of a broken layer of clouds at Gainesville. All Eclipses are awaiting an upcoming pitot-tube modification that will remove a limitation mandating flight in VMC. The cabin noise level was extremely low, allowing normal conversation without having to bump heads. The BMW-designed interior is functional and attractive (except for poorly attached plastic trim parts). Until the new Avio NG avionics are installed, DayJet’s Eclipses have no GPS or moving-map display, no radar or weather information and no traffic or terrain data. DayJet took delivery of its fourth and fifth Eclipse 500s yesterday and expects to have 50 by year-end