FAA Funding Squabble Officially on Hold for Now

 - August 14, 2007, 12:37 PM

Although Congress is in recess until September 4, one could be forgiven for thinking otherwise given the continued rhetoric on both sides of the FAA funding issue. When Congress returns to work the day after Labor Day, members will have three weeks to get the respective proposals through committee, pass them on the full House and Senate floor, rectify the differences in conference and pass the final version before the FAA’s funding stream is cut off on September 30. Despite the delay, the associations continue to fight for the moral high ground on this contentious issue. Last week, USA Today ran an editorial by ATA president and CEO James May in which he said that to reduce airline delays the FAA should “give commercial flights a higher priority than other system users to protect schedule integrity; the passengers and airlines that fund more than 90 percent of the costs of air traffic services deserve nothing less.” At press time NBC Nightly News was planning to run a story tonight that includes a swipe from May about corporate aviation being part of the problem on delays.