Honeywell OK’d for RNP SAAAR Consulting

 - January 15, 2008, 10:19 AM

Honeywell late last week received FAA designation as a consultant for Required Navigation Performance Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization Required (RNP SAAAR) operational approvals. The move closely follows approval early this month for PlaneView-equipped Gulfstreams to fly RNP SAAAR procedures, which allow more precise approaches and departures, increasing operational efficiency and reducing operating costs, noise and emissions. RNP, a key component of the FAA’s NextGen initiative, uses global positioning and inertial reference system navigation, allowing aircraft to fly predetermined paths loaded in their flight-management computers. The FAA designation permits Honeywell to help aircraft operators with the RNP SAAAR approval process by offering a full consulting service. As such, Honeywell is providing RNP pilot training, navigation data validation, RNP monitoring and RNP prediction services. According to Honeywell business and general aviation president Rob Wilson, “RNP SAAAR will allow business jets to land in more congested airspace and complicated terrain conditions than ever before. In fact, we are currently working to certify our own corporate aircraft for this technology.”