Farnborough Air Show

Brazil’s aero industry more than just Embraer

 - July 14, 2008, 2:03 AM

Although the name Embraer is known throughout the world, Brazil’s aviation industry consists of much more than the manufacture of regional airliners, a growing portfolio of business jets and military and agricultural aircraft.

For the first time at Farnborough, the Brazilian high technology aeronautics (HTA) consortium has taken a stand (Hall 4 Stand 14), occupied by manufactured goods and services companies from the aeronautics sector in Brazil.

While Embraer remains the undisputed leader in revenue, with growth of 20.79 percent in 2007, the HTA companies registered record revenue growth of 71.35 percent. The forecast for this year projects that the HTA companies will grow by more than 20 percent.

“We have competitive prices, Brazil is enjoying economic stability and policies and we are open for negotiations in regard to partnerships and joint ventures,” said HTA president Urbano Cicero Fleury de Araújo. “In other words, we are offering excellent business opportunities.”

The HTA companies have accumulated more than 15 years of experience and belong to a select group of companies in the world holding ISO 9000 and AS 9100 certification, the group said.

“We are traditional suppliers of parts and services for Embraer and are proud to be part of the success and quality of the aircraft of a company that is synonymous with success in global aviation,” Fleury de Araújo added.

Created by former Embraer employees, the HTA companies started exporting their parts and services in 2006. Last year, the consortium exported $1.5 million worth of goods and closed a contract for foreign sales amounting to $30 million over the next 10 years. HTA lists Pratt & Whitney, Elbit and EADS/CASA among its clients, in addition to Embraer.

Located in the São José dos Campos region, near Embraer installations and with direct access to the main exporting ports, the seven companies that make up HTA employ 1,100 people, including more than 50 engineers specializing in the manufacturing, quality and logistics. Another six independent companies make up the rest of the team participating here with HTA.

Not only is the Brazilian aeronautics industry among the best in the world, according to HTA, the country is part of the BRIC nations, the group of countries that include Russia, India and China and is expected to become economic powers in the coming years.

Consortium Members
Among the consortium is Villares Metals, the largest producer of special steels for aircraft, satellite launching rockets and defense applications in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the only Brazilian plant approved to supply special steels to Embraer for the production of a variety of aircraft components, and to Embraer Liebherr Equipamentos do Brasil, mainly for the fabrication of landing gear components.

Alltec is a manufacturing company of composite parts mainly for aeronautical and space applications. It began operations in 1996 and now, with the second plant, has a total of 5,500 square meters of production facilities. The company’s main production activities are: cleaning room prepreg layups, curing in autoclaves, forming thermoplastics, hotpressing, wet layup, finishing, painting and final assembly.

Esra primarily operates in the new product development sector and the fabrication of aeronautic helmets, engine cradles and landing gear. It also provides maintenance of ground support equipment, aerospace welding and the supply of specialty gloves, jackets and coveralls.

Another company, Avionics Services, offers engineering and production solutions. The company has supported clients in Brazil and countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, the U.S., Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Israel.

Finetornos operates in the aerospace, automobile and industries sectors, focusing on production and the development of geometrically complex parts, using a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, titanium, non-ferrous alloys, thermoplastics, grey and modular cast iron and special alloys. In the aerospace sector, the company produces machined, productive, structural and mechanical parts. The parts appear practically throughout the aircraft, in areas such as elevators, doors, entrance ramps, floors, wings, flaps, fuselage and aircraft bodies, landing gear, stabilizers, seats, door components, avionics supports and coatings.

Inbra Aerospace is currently the largest factory in Brazil. It specializes in the production of compound material for airplanes and plates, outside of the Embraer complex. It produces armored cockpit doors for the Embraer 170 using proprietary technology. The plant also produces panels, consoles and special windows for observation aircraft, among other items.

Other companies displaying at the HTA stand are Ambra Solutions, Friuli, Graúna Aerospace, Lanmar, Pan-Metal Indústria Metalúrgica, ThyssenKrupp Automata and Toyo Matic.     

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