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Embraer Thinks Big

 - June 8, 2009, 5:55 AM

Embraer continues to consider its product strategy. The Brazilian airframer’s market intelligence vice president Luiz Sergio Chiessi told AIN that any design for 100-plus passengers “almost certainly” would require a new, wider cross section than its current E170/ E190 large regional jets: “Up to 150 passengers in four-abreast [layout] is probably not workable,” he said. “It would take too long to board passengers and to clean the cabin. So, five- or six-abreast is more suitable.”

A major consideration will be choice of program partners, with current E190 stakeholders already part of the equation. Chiessi expects “big [engine] improvements” will be available in 10 years and believes open-rotor technology provides better solutions than the geared turbofan adopted by Bombardier for the C Series. “If General Electric and Rolls-Royce can solve noise and maintenance-cost problems, that is the next-generation opportunity.”