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Web-based aircraft values available 24/7

 - November 12, 2009, 7:46 PM

UK-based International Bureau of Aviation (IBA) is offering an aircraft valuation tool called Jet Values 2. This Web-based product ( provides 24/7 information to customers needing current and forecast aircraft values.

One-time use of the product costs £120 ($195), while a one-year, unlimited-use subscription costs £3,500 ($5,730); pricing for usage between these amounts will be announced later.

According to Dr. Stuart Hatcher, head of valuations and modeling for IBA and the developer of Jet Values 1 and 2, “Jet Values 2 gives not only current and future valuation data but also detailed specifications on all the aircraft listed within the system. This includes information on maximum takeoff weight, engine type, current hours and cycles, range and fuel capacity. The aircraft serial number, current registration, owner and operator are also provided.”

Jet Values 2 includes data on 21,000 aircraft and 120 models of Western-built passenger and freight airliners. Users can build reports using functions such as “My Fleet” and “Portfolio Manager.”