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Lockheed To Run Flight Service Stations through '13

 - October 14, 2010, 6:01 AM

The FAA has extended for another three years until 2013 the contract it has with Lockheed Martin to run the automated flight service stations that disseminate weather information to pilots in the U.S. The original contract was awarded to the company in 2005. "It doesn't really matter how we feel [about the service]," said Dennis Roberts, the FAA's director of flight service program operations, "it's how you, the customer, feels. Flight service is a complex program, and 95 percent of its business is general ­aviation. It's an important piece, and one that the FAA wants to pay attention to."

The FAA wants to hear pilots' comments about the service provided by Lockheed Martin and welcomes calls to 888-358-7782 or e-mails to