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IAE Delivers 1,000th SelectOne Engine, Rolls Out SelectTwo

 - November 12, 2011, 1:45 AM

International Aero Engines (IAE) has delivered its 1,000th V2500 SelectOne turbofan. Only three years after the upgrade was first introduced, the group shipped engine V16000 from Rolls-Royce Dahlewitz to Indian low-fare carrier IndiGo.

“The V2500 SelectOne is a very big success for us–it improved fuel burn by a full one percent,” commented IAE executive vice president Jim Guiliano. “It has also improved time-on-wing by up to 20 percent, and has achieved or surpassed CAEP6 NOx [nitrous oxide] standards.”

IAE also introduced its SelectTwo earlier this year, projecting that the new version would provide about 0.6 percent fuel-burn savings compared to the V2500 SelectOne engine for a typical 500-nm Airbus A320 mission. It involves a software upgrade for the electronic engine control system.

Gulf Air recently entered into an agreement to obtain V2500s for six A321s, becoming a launch customer for the SelectTwo engine, while another long-time IAE customer–US Airways–announced earlier this year that it would upgrade its entire A320 fleet (more than 150 aircraft) to the SelectTwo standard.

Now on the drawing board is the latest V2500 iteration–SelectThree–which focuses on cutting maintenance costs and further developing technology designed for retrofit across the entire fleet, improving operating efficiency for all V2500 users.