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Air China Orders Avionics Plus Wheels And Brakes From Honeywell

 - February 13, 2012, 10:30 PM

Honeywell Aerospace is to supply the avionics for the 19 new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft Air China has on order. The Honeywell avionics suite includes IntuVue 3-D, an advanced weather system that offers pilots a more complete picture of weather systems than traditional 2-D offerings. The agreement also includes traffic collision avoidance system with mode-S transponders, plus flight and cockpit data recorders.

In the back, cabin enhancements include a deal for satcom capability using SwiftBroadband.

Air China has also opted for the OEM’s wheels and steel brakes for its incoming new fleet of 30 Boeing 737NG aircraft. This augments the deal to supply avionics for the same planes that Honeywell announced last September.

Honeywell also said at the time that Air China had selected its SmartRunway software for all of its future incoming aircraft. SmartRunway improves pilot situational awareness and helps break the chain of events that can lead to a runway incursion, by providing aural and visual information during taxi, takeoff, final approach, landing and rollout. Alerts are based on aircraft position compared to airport runway locations stored in Honeywell’s worldwide terrain and runway database.