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Pratt Has Advantage For A330 Power Race

 - July 11, 2012, 4:50 PM

Pratt & Whitney will offer its PW4170 Advantage70 engine for Airbus’s revamped, 240-ton max takeoff weight A330. “The Advantage70 is the benchmark on the A330 aircraft program in terms of fuel burn, operating costs, reliability and time-on-wing,” said Lou Quattrocchi, the U.S. engine maker’s vice president of commercial programs.

“As we have done in the past, we will incorporate technology advancements from other flight-proven engine programs as appropriate to ensure this engine continues to be state-of-the-art,” added Quattrocchi.

Having flown nearly 14 million hours, the PW4000 100-inch fan engine has recorded the lowest delay and cancellation rate of any engine on the A330, according to Pratt. The engine company supplies A330 customers the aircraft’s entire propulsion system–engine, nacelle, thrust reverser and accessories.

Pratt & Whitney offers the Advantage70 both as a new engine and as an upgrade kit for existing PW4000 100-inch engines. The upgrade includes a suite of technology enhancements that can be incorporated into a fleet during engine overhaul. The PW4170 Advantage70 engine provides a 1-percent fuel-burn reduction along with a 2-percent increase in thrust, making it the highest takeoff rated engine for the A330.

Based upon service-proven technologies from the PW4000 family of engines, the Advantage70 configuration provides 10 to 15 percent lower maintenance cost thanks to increased durability, said Pratt.

The “new” A330, scheduled to enter service in 2015, would benefit from up to 400 nm extra range, carrying 300 passengers up to 5,950 nm. Plans call for it to carry some 11,000 pounds more payload than today’s aircraft and generate a 1-percent fuel-burn benefit.