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Rolls Offers RB3025 For New Triple Seven

 - July 11, 2012, 1:35 AM

An all-new RB3025 engine concept has been created by Rolls-Royce following a Boeing request also extended to General Electric and Pratt & Whitney for a powerplant for a future 777-size aircraft in around 2020. The current 777 is powered exclusively by the GE90.

Rolls-Royce has selected a 132.5-inch diameter for the composite fan for the 99,500-pound-thrust engine, which will sport a 12:1 bypass ratio and a 62:1 overall pressure ratio that would be the highest achieved on a commercial aircraft.

The UK manufacturer predicts a “better than 10-percent” improvement in specific fuel consumption, compared with current GE90-115B engines powering the 777, and a 15-percent margin over its own Trent 800 on some older 777s.

The RB3025 derives much from its present Trent 1000 and XWB powerplants, with strategic marketing vice president Robert Nuttall attributing remaining technology to R-R’s “Advance3” environmentally friendly engine (EFE) development program (see main story).

Boeing is expected to require engines for two models of its future large twin-aisle twinjet, for which Rolls-Royce is likely to offer a de-rated variant of a basic unit to meet the lower power requirement.