No Gold Medal for London Olympics Bizav Traffic

 - August 16, 2012, 3:35 PM

Despite predictions of significantly increased private jet movements during the London 2012 Olympics, overall industry traffic levels were around 25 percent below expectations, according to online charter broker PrivateFly. The UK Department for Transport had estimated 3,000 additional private jet movements during the Games.

“The industry was ready and waiting for a major Olympic surge in traffic, but in fact it was more of a gentle stream,” said PrivateFly CEO and co-founder Adam Twidell. “All London airports had spare capacity for private jets during the Games, including London City, just minutes from the Olympic Park.”

However, he said, official ATC figures are expected to show an increase above typical levels, just not to the extent many anticipated. Although PrivateFly saw a 40-percent increase in charter bookings during the period, a significant amount were from Londoners escaping the Games, according to Twidell.

“In terms of logistics, the London Olympic air traffic ‘atlas control’ process worked well and significant delays were not incurred,” he noted. “Security disruption was also minimal, with most pilots commenting that their flights were not affected at all by the extra Olympic security procedures. And customer service levels were exceptionally high at all London FBOs, as they were all effectively overmanned in expectation of higher volumes.”