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IAE Launches Pure-V Engine Designation

 - November 17, 2013, 3:45 AM

International Aero Engines has launched its new Pure-V designation for V2500 engines maintained to IAE’s build standards, the company announced here in Dubai. A Pure-V-designated engine contains IAE-approved parts and repairs throughout the entire engine.

“Pure-V was created to provide a designation for the large percentage of our customers’ engines that have been maintained with original IAE parts and to recognize the superior value of these engines,” said IAE president and CEO Jon Beatty. “IAE’s records have shown that engines maintained to these standards, for example those covered by a fleet hour agreement (FHA), consume less fuel, have fewer unscheduled removals and have up to 20 percent longer time-on-wing between shop visits.”

IAE’s Pure-V program rewards operators that maintain OEM build-standard engines with extended warranties on parts. IAE can also provide a customized conversion kit for engines that do not currently meet the Pure-V standard.

Designed to help operators and lessors enhance residual values for their V2500 engines, the Pure-V program helps improve the marketability of engines through a database that identifies all Pure-V engines. The database tracks information from IAE maintenance centers servicing IAE FHAs and from facilities approved by IAE to verify an engine’s Pure-V status.

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