Airports, Heliports and FBOs

New developments at airports and heliports, including regulations and noise issues; legal disputes; openings, acquisitions and mergers of FBOs; AIN’s Annual FBO Survey Reports; and news, issues and concerns regarding fuel cards, fuel prices and alternative fuels.

Jun 7, 2014 - 1:50 AM
Leeward Flight Service has opened a private jet terminal at Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport in Basseterre, St. Kitts.
Jun 7, 2014 - 1:40 AM
The facility marks Avflight’s first outside the U.S.
Jun 7, 2014 - 1:20 AM
Deer Jet expects to double the number of FBOs on the Chinese mainland.
Jun 7, 2014 - 1:05 AM
Euro Jet Intercontinental has unveiled a new complimentary crew lounge at Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport.
Jun 7, 2014 - 12:55 AM
There is now only one FBO at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh.
St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Internationa
Jun 7, 2014 - 12:35 AM
The airport’s increasing operational tempo necessitated an upgrade.
Jun 5, 2014 - 2:25 PM
Jet Aviation is currently rebranding its FBO facility in Jeddah to integrate the new corporate look and feel launched in Geneva and Zurich last year.
Jun 2, 2014 - 5:30 AM
Purchase of Ross Aviation adds 20 FBOs to the company’s network.
May 29, 2014 - 2:50 PM
Company has an aggressive business plan to open executive FBOs throughout the U.S. in major and medium markets.
May 29, 2014 - 2:40 PM
MoU builds on a partnership formed in 2011 between Embraer, Boeing and research foundation Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa of the State of São Paulo.