Universal Cockpit STC’d in PC-12

 - September 12, 2006, 12:23 PM

Kansas City Aviation Center (KCAC) has obtained an STC to install the retrofit EFI-890R cockpit from Universal Avionics in the Pilatus PC-12. The upgrade replaces the original EFIS 40 suite with three 8.9-inch flat-panel displays. The integrated system also includes options for synthetic vision, electronic charts and satellite weather. Including installation, price for the cockpit upgrade runs from $325,000 to $398,000, depending on options. Synthetic vision, for example, adds $35,000 to the base price. “I would be surprised if anybody decided not to opt for synthetic vision,” said Angelo Fiataruolo, KCAC president and general manager. “It’s one of the main reasons buyers are choosing this cockpit in the first place.