LoPresti Boom Beams for Hawker 700s

 - September 13, 2006, 3:23 PM

Avmats has joined forces with LoPresti Aviation to deliver LoPresti Boom Beams to legacy Hawker 700s. LoPresti Boom Beams are already a standard item on every Cirrus Design, Adam Aircraft and Lancair aircraft and a factory standard option on the Hawker 800 series.

“The Boom Beam fixes a critical business issue on the Hawker 800 series,” said Todd Lohenry, business development manager for LoPresti Aviation. “Our lighting is warranted for five years or 5,000 hours and is guaranteed never to burn through a Hawker lens cover. The surface temperature on our lights is less than 40 degrees above ambient temperature.” According to Lohenry, Boom Beams also deliver 1.1 million candela on landing, more than three times the available light of stock Hawker lighting.

Lohenry believes that, in many instances, installation of the Boom Beam could be coordinated with scheduled maintenance without additional down time. Depending on demand, the company might seek additional STCs for earlier Hawkers.