Raytheon receives AMT awards

 - September 13, 2006, 3:43 PM

For the third consecutive year, Raytheon Aircraft’s repair station trained 100 percent of its participants. This year a greater number of awards were presented than in previous years, with six individuals receiving Diamond awards, 13 receiving Ruby awards, 42 Gold, 87 Silver and 50 Bronze. To receive an award, the individual must have a minimum of two hours of FAA regulations training in addition to an award-specific number of hours of training in aviation maintenance-related courses.

To qualify for a Diamond Award, an individual must have 100 combined hours of college-related classes and FAA-approved training during the calendar year. This year’s Diamond award winners were Edward Czechowski, Linwood Hall, Gary Pickett, Jaimee Rickard, Brad Riffel and Todd Westerfield.

The FAA recognized Raytheon Aircraft’s repair station with its FAA 100 Percent Aviation Maintenance Technician Award at a ceremony at the Walter Beech Delivery Center.