In the Works: Bombardier

 - September 13, 2006, 4:44 AM

C Series/900X/Q400X–Officially still alive as a program but downgraded in status from an imminent launch candidate to a loosely defined study, the proposed 110- to 135-seat C Series has taken the proverbial back seat to research aimed squarely at the uppermost reaches of the regional airline market, namely a 12-seat stretch of the 86-seat CRJ900 and a proposed 90-seat variant of the Q Series line of turboprops.

At press time the company had issued only sketchy details of the proposals; however, according to sources close to the project, the CRJ900X will require some relatively significant changes to the wing, including a 7.5 percent trailing-edge extension, a 26-inch wingtip extension, a change in the max flap setting from 45 to 40 degrees and some structural reinforcements.

Aside from the stretch, structural changes will involve main landing-gear reinforcements, upgraded rolling stock and carbon brakes in place of steel for less weight. The airplane will also require 2 percent more thrust from the GE CF34-8C5 engines used on the CRJ900.