Preliminary Report: PC-12 crash fatal for two

 - September 14, 2006, 5:00 AM

Pilatus PC-12, Big Timber, Mont., June 25, 2006–PC-12 N768H crashed shortly after takeoff from Big Timber Airport (6S0) and the two people on board were killed. The ATP-rated pilot was giving instruction to the private pilot when they announced on the common traffic advisory frequency that they were going to simulate an engine failure after taking off from Runway 6. A witness said the PC-12 flew across the valley, pitched up and banked right “aggressively” before pitching down in a nearly 45-degree attitude then began to “roll level.” About five miles from the airport, the airplane hit a fence about 10 inches above the ground before hitting the ground 300 feet away. Weather was reported as 10 miles visibility and the sky was clear. The aircraft is registered to JMH Capital of Medina, Wash.