Factual Report: Fractional jet destroyed in overrun

 - September 15, 2006, 11:15 AM

Cessna 560 Citation Ultra, Leakey, Texas, May 2, 2002–N397QS was destroyed when it overran Runway 15 at the Real County Airport, near Leakey. The jet was fractionally owned by private individuals and managed by NetJets Aviation of Columbus, Ohio. VMC prevailed and the ATP-rated PIC set up for a right-hand pattern for the visual approach to Runway 15. On the downwind leg, the PIC asked the copilot for flaps “15 degrees,” and landing gear “down.” They then proceeded with the landing checklist. While on a three-mile final, the PIC called for flaps “35 degrees.” The PIC reported they cleared the trees on short final at the “desired speed” and the aircraft descended at idle power.

During the descent the PIC noticed a 16-knot increase in speed above reference. He continued, he said, “because the aircraft was close to the runway” and he thought he had “extra landing distance to work with beyond what was required.” Neither pilot had landed at Leakey before, according to NetJets.

The aircraft “floated beyond the desired touchdown point,” the PIC reported, and in the last third of the runway, the aircraft turned to the right “without” input from the crew, overran the departure end and crashed into trees. After the aircraft left the runway, the PIC stowed the thrust reversers and tried to shut down the engines. Due to the “violent ride,” he managed to shut down only one engine. The crew and four passengers evacuated the airplane before it was consumed by fire.