Landmark plans VNY presence

 - September 15, 2006, 10:27 AM

On February 1, LAWA, which owns and operates Van Nuys, issued a request for proposal for demolition of existing buildings and development of a new facility at 16200 Daily Drive, location of The Jet Center, a former Garrett Aviation Services completions and refurb facility.

On June 8, Landmark Aviation CEO Roger Wolfe announced plans for the
company to acquire or build an FBO at Van Nuys, and a Landmark spokeswoman confirmed that the company has submitted a proposal to LAWA. “We’re one of several bidders on the project,” she said. Early last month she added, “We were invited back to make a presentation on the bid we had submitted.” Coincidentally, Landmark bought the Garrett Aviation Services chain from General Electric, but well after Garrett shut down The Jet Center. If Landmark is the winning bidder, plans are to build a full-service FBO, according to Wolfe, spending “whatever it takes to make it a flagship operation.”