News Update: ASA To Lose ATRs

 - September 15, 2006, 7:05 AM

Delta Air Lines has decided to allow the leases to lapse on Atlantic Southeast Airlines’ ATR 72s, spelling the end of the fleet by June 30 of next year, according to Jerry Atkin, the CEO of ASA’s parent company, SkyWest. The twelve 66-seat turboprops have survived an extended period of turboprop divestiture at the Atlanta-based airline by maintaining their usefulness primarily in southeastern leisure markets. However, Delta apparently now believes a new deal will better serve its interests. The decision does not necessarily mean the end of turboprops within the Delta system, or even mark the last use of those particular airplanes in U.S. scheduled service, said Atkin. “We believe there is a need,” he commented. “Most of the network carriers are looking for larger turboprops.”