PZL Swidnik Delivers 500th Airframe

 - September 15, 2006, 7:46 AM

PZL Swidnik in Poland has handed over its 500th airframe–an AW139–to AgustaWestland, marking 10 years of cooperation between the two companies.

The Polish company is a risk-sharing partner on the medium-twin helicopter, which it has been building since 2001. Since then, production numbers have increased, with more than 100 airframes delivered last year.

PZL Swidnik also produces fuselages and tailbooms for all A109 Powers and Grands, A109 LUHs and A119 Koalas. Twin-engine airframes leave PZL for final assembly in Italy, while A119 Koala airframes are now shipped to AgustaWestland’s plant in Philadelphia. A second AW139 assembly line, now under construction at Philadelphia, will also receive airframes from PZL Swidnik.