In The Works: Dassault Falcon 7X

 - September 15, 2006, 11:13 AM

Last month Dassault said its engineers have validated several improvements to the Falcon 7X– such as increased mtow, engine thrust, fuel capacity and winglets– that increase range to 5,950 nm from 5,700 nm. These improvements have nudged the type certification schedule into early next year.

Because the design now incorporates winglets, the secondary rudder was removed and the lower fin aerodynamics could be reoptimized. Dassault increased the mtow by 10 percent, to 69,000 pounds, and the payload capacity with full fuel has been increased to 2,988 pounds. Additionally, the basic operating weight has been increased to 34,272 pounds.

Since the Falcon 7X first flew in May last year, two other aircraft have joined the development and certification program. The three aircraft logging 570 flight hours over 185 flights.

The 7X’s flight envelope has been fully opened to Mach 0.93 and 51,000 feet. Reversers have also been tested down to full stop and reverse taxiing.

Dassault said that it has orders for 80 of the long-range trijets. Currently, 40 Falcon 7Xs are in various stages of production, with S/N 10 in final assembly. Dassault will ramp up production to three aircraft per month to accommodate demand, and the company expects to build 40 Falcon 7Xs in 2008.