Honeywell and Australia Team on Satellite-based Landing System

 - September 18, 2006, 5:20 AM

Airservices Australia has awarded a contract to Honeywell for the development of satellite-based precision landing systems that could eventually find a ready market in countries around the world. Honeywell will supply Airservices Australia with the GBAS (ground-based augmentation system) at large airports and GRAS (ground-based regional automation system) at smaller fields. Both systems monitor the accuracy of GPS signals and transmit corrections to GPS receivers in aircraft operating within about a 30-nm radius.

The GBAS system will provide Category I precision landing capability initially, and eventually is expected to offer Category II and III minimums, according to Honeywell. GRAS will provide approach capability at GA airports and en route navigation throughout Australia. After initial deployment of the systems in about two years, Honeywell and Airservices Australia plan to offer them commercially to airports worldwide.